Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Life in Perspective

There are moments in life that bring life into a whole new perspective.  I had one of those recently, two weeks ago tomorrow at about 2:35 in the afternoon, an afternoon full of plans to run to the grocery store then get boys sent off with Grandma for swim lessons...all of a sudden came to a halt.  We had just eaten some lunch and getting ready to leave and Caleb jumped/fell off the bench and landed on his elbow.  He was crying and of course upset, I hustled the boys out of the restaurant because of his crying and got my first good look at his arm outside, standing him up on a bench and pulling up his sleeve...I am not sure that is an image I will ever get out of my head, it was VERY obvious his arm/elbow was either broken or seriously dislocated.  After getting him into the car and Joey being super helpful and just doing what needed to be done we headed out to the nearest Children's urgent care and a quick call to hubby to meet me there.  Now, I must say you definitely get ushered back quickly at the ER when your child is screaming at the top of his lungs!! 

Well a couple of xray's later we get the next blow, not only has he broken it he has broken it about as bad as it can get and it requires surgery to pin the bones back together.  I am floored, I expected to walk out of there with him in a cast of some sort but SURGERY?!?  Well, one ambulance ride to the main Children's Hospital and surgery the next morning and less than 24 hours after the fall, we were home.  Caleb is doing amazing although he complains that it is taking a "really long time" to get the cast off, but 4 weeks is REALLY long for a 4 year old.  

This is the first time as parents we have had to handle something so instantaneously an emergency and it has really hit me hard, reminding me once again how truly precious life is and each and every person that touches our lives.  Especially our littlest dependents.  I feel truly blessed by each and every one of my family and friends that are a part of our lives near or far.  Although I pray to not have any more emergency's in our near future I am grateful for the reminder or what is truly important in my life and having my life in clear perspective, it is way too easy to get caught up in the small day to day things that really don't matter.

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