Saturday, January 8, 2011

Boys Update

Looking back over my blog, that yes, I am WAY behind on I am amazed at the changes in my boys!!  They are in their second year of preschool now and growing like crazy.  They both had birthday parties this year with friends from school and Caleb has a best buddy for almost a year now and Joey has had several girlfriends, although he is girlfriend free currently, the pickings are slim with only four girls in his class this year.  The boys are both learning to ski, Caleb in his second year and Joey in his third and they are picking it up well.  We are hoping to spend more time in the mountains this year so they can catch up to their cousins.  To this end Lee will be trying a new schedule this tax season working Saturday but taking off on Mondays as much as possible.  This will be our first weekend to try it out, I am excited!

They have also tried out several other sports now with ongoing swimming lessons, soccer, indoor soccer, t-ball, indoor rock climbing, golf lessons.  Joey has really loved all the running in soccer and Caleb is becoming a fish in the water.  They both love rock climbing, t-ball and golf so it is looking to be another busy summer!!  We can't wait!!

I am still busy recovering from surgery, I am a year into my 18 month recovery and I am looking forward to some more progress.  I am also back to taking classes after taking last spring semester off.  Overall our family is pretty healthy and more important all together.