Friday, August 26, 2011


School started in full force for all of this week.  Caleb started his fall program in Pre-K and Joey started KINDERGARTEN!!  I can't believe he is already a kindergartner!  His first day of school was last Friday, we all had a HUGE melt down on Wednesday morning.  But I am hoping we will be getting into a good routine soon.  I am also back in school and taking a huge leap this semester.  I will be attending full time with the intent of completing my Associates degree in Psychology this fall!!  So far it is really exciting and I have some very interesting classes.  I am taking:

Intro to Literature where I will be reading the novel "One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest"
Sociology 101
Social Psychology where I will be writing a Children's Book (very excited think I have a fun idea!)
Physical Geology (this on is for my VERY inquisitive Joey that loves rocks!)

This will be a very full three months until Christmas for our family but an adventure I plan to enjoy.  After that I plan to transfer to Metro State University to continue studying Psychology.