Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So far 2011 has been a very interesting and challenging for us medically, however I am hoping we are making a turn today.  I started the year with some VERY severe episodes of vertigo that were very debilitating.  They have gotten much better and today I had a lot of testing that confirmed that I have positional vertigo on the left side.  She did a treatment in the office and gave me a self treatment for at home.  She was a great Dr and very thorough and I am hoping to put these episodes behind me.  On another positive note I seem to be doing a lot better on my recovery from the major surgery I had 16 months ago.  Not where I am looking forward to being but a marked improvement.  I have started going to the gym consistently and that is a HUGE step forward.

Caleb is recovering nicely from his broken arm, we will have some physical therapy to get the last little bit resolved but he has come so far!!  He still has another challenge this year, he needs major dental work.  The poor guy has a mouth full of teeth causing all sorts of problems.  He will be having 8-9 crowns on his back teeth both top and bottom.  He will also be having his two front teeth removed to have an extra tooth removed that is causing problems already with his permanent teeth!!  So we are waiting to have that scheduled as of course they will put him to sleep to have all this done at one time.

Lee is closing in on the end of tax season, another week I will have my hubby back!!  He is doing so well outside of an annoying persistent cough.  And Joey is healthy as other...I feel so blessed with all my family overall healthy and most important together.