Thursday, April 17, 2008

Updates on the boys

Joey is feeling much better now that he is on antibiotics and his fever is gone!! HOORAY!!

Caleb had a big Dr appointment on Monday and it was mixed news. He is very healthy and doing really well. We found out his surgery in China for the Imperforate Anus seems to be ok and placed in the best position. We were also advised he has a more severe form of IA and will probably be followed all his life. If anyone wants more details on this you can email me privately. Caleb also has only one kidney and has a test next week to test the functionality and we will consult with a urologist next Friday to find out all the implications of everything.

With everyone being sick we have not taken a lot of pictures. Tax season is finally over so Baba should be home more and that will make things at home a lot easier!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Joey's Sick

Poor Joey has not really felt well since we were in China. It has been an up and down thing feeling good for a couple of days and then back to feeling bad again. We spent a good part of today in Urgent Care as Joey's temperature shot back up again over 102. He now has pnemonia poor guy. It has been a little crazy in the house with a bunch of Dr appointments and tests for Caleb and Joey being sick.

We have a big appointment tomorrow with the Colorectal Clinic at Children's Hospital in Denver tomorrow. They will take a look at some of the tests we have had done and give us the results as well as giving us a prognosis on Caleb's Imperforate Anus that was surgically repaired in China. Anyone reading this please send lots of good thoughts and prayers our way as we try to get Joey on the road to recovery and hope for good news at our appointment tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Some Pictures

We had some fun at the park this weekend. What fun boys!!