Friday, March 28, 2008

Diaper Changing Pad

We have never had a changing table before and didn't find it necessary with Joey. However, with Caleb we are changing diapers frequently and changing them on the floor was becoming quite literally a pain!! So Aunt Kelly very generously (THANK YOU!!) got us a changing pad with a cover and some extra blankets to help keep it clean. So I set it up in out living room yesterday. I had changed the boys each a couple of times on it and it is working out great!! Well I am in the kitchen and Joey comes in telling me something, something, POOPY and is putting a "used" wipe in the garbage. OK......Poopy got my attention. So, I ask him if he is poopy. "NO!! Froggy Poopy." Ok......time to investigate. This is what I find.....

He then proceeds to where I keep the diapers and wipes and digs up a couple more wipes and proceeds to clean froggy up.

One he is all cleaned up Joey tells me "All better now" and takes froggy off the table!! I am so glad I was pretty quick with the camera for this one!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

Coloring Pictures

After Easter Egg Hunt
Decorating Eggs
At Church

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter yesterday!! We had a great time this weekend. On Saturday Mama and Lao Lao took the boys to an Easter Egg Hunt at the church where they colored some pictures and played some games before eating a hot dog then out for the big hunt. Joey had a great time and gathered lots of eggs. Caleb was not as sure but gathered a few up before they were all gone. We then went out to lunch with Baba and Rory from the office. Later that night we decorated some eggs before we went to bed. We decorated the eggs with stickers this year. Joey loves stickers and it was not as messy as the dye.

On Sunday morning Mama, Baba the boys and Lao Lao all went to church. The Easter Bunny visited us while we were gone and they both loved their baskets and Joey found the eggs that were hidden. Baba went to work for a while and we all went to Grandma's house later in the day for dinner. There was 15 people there including 4 kids. All the kids had a great time playing.

Friday, March 21, 2008

A new adventure!!

I have decided to jump into the blogger world hoping this will be an easier way to keep friends and family current on what is happening with our two boys. I will continue to update our website periodically with various information. This will be follow the more current happenings in our lives. I hope you all enjoy!! Here is Joey helping Caleb take a "bath" in our sink!