Friday, March 28, 2008

Diaper Changing Pad

We have never had a changing table before and didn't find it necessary with Joey. However, with Caleb we are changing diapers frequently and changing them on the floor was becoming quite literally a pain!! So Aunt Kelly very generously (THANK YOU!!) got us a changing pad with a cover and some extra blankets to help keep it clean. So I set it up in out living room yesterday. I had changed the boys each a couple of times on it and it is working out great!! Well I am in the kitchen and Joey comes in telling me something, something, POOPY and is putting a "used" wipe in the garbage. OK......Poopy got my attention. So, I ask him if he is poopy. "NO!! Froggy Poopy." Ok......time to investigate. This is what I find.....

He then proceeds to where I keep the diapers and wipes and digs up a couple more wipes and proceeds to clean froggy up.

One he is all cleaned up Joey tells me "All better now" and takes froggy off the table!! I am so glad I was pretty quick with the camera for this one!!

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Annette said...

That is so precious! You scared me there with the "used" wipe comment... for a second I thought you meant LITERALLY - and given the poop statement before that... well you can imagine what I thought!