Thursday, September 4, 2008

Caleb's Surgery Update

Caleb's surgery went well yesterday. They repaired his Hypospadias and rebuilt the opening for the uretha. We were also able to have an injection done that we are hoping will stop the kidney reflux. We wont know for a few months if that is successful or not so we stay on the antibiotics until we can retest him. His testicles seemed ok once they had him completely under sedation. So all and all it seems we accomplished a lot. And the reflux we were expecting to deal with next year but it seemed to make sense to try this. We were able to come home with no problems. He slept a lot yesterday and was pretty much back to normal this morning. Around 11:30 he was saying he hurt and when I went to change his diaper his stint in his penis had pulled out some so I called the Dr. He said to come to the hospital and he would readjust it for us. By the time we got there the stint had come out completely and so the Dr just removed the stitch holding it in place and we are going to watch everything. It is too risky with the swelling to put the stint back in place. We will follow up with the Dr again next week.

Thank you to everyone that was sending thoughts and prayers our way!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Caleb's Surgery Tomorrow

Caleb is scheduled for surgery tomorrow September 3rd. We expect this surgery to be outpatient and we hope to be home in the afternoon. Please send your thoughts and prayers our way as Caleb has another surgery. This should be the last one for at least a year!!

Caleb's First Football Game!

Caleb had a weekend full of firsts!! Not only did he turn TWO on the first but the night before his birthday he went to his first football game!! We have season tickets to Colorado State Rams and we really enjoy going to the games and Joey is a HUGE fan. His favorite animal he sleeps with is "Rammy" a white CSU Ram we got at a game last year. Caleb enjoyed his first game and at one point was cheering "Hooray" then "Boo"he couldnt decide what he should be cheering so he went with both!!

Caleb's Two!

I can't believe my baby is two already and that he has been with us for six months!! He is amazing. He LOVED getting gifts for his birthday. He wasn't too sure what to do when it was time to open presents but I think he will have it all figured out by the time Christmas gets here and he see's Joey next month opening his gifts. He loves the movie Cars and any kind of moving vehicle. Planes, trains, but most importantly CARS. Joey picked out a set of matchbox cars for Caleb and he wouldn't hardly put them down all night long. It took until tonight before he was really interested in some of his other toys!