Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Caleb's Adventures

Caleb has decided to have a busy week this week. After a fun day playing at the lake Sunday the boys were playing in the dining room and next thing we know Caleb is crying and when Ba Ba picks him up his eye is bleeding. Well after cleaning it up a little we can see that his skin has popped open on the corner right next to his eye.

We go out to talk to Joey and try to find out what he hit it on and Joey is hiding under the table systematically pulling all the chairs in around him. Well.........after explaining to Joey we are not mad at him that we just need to know how Caleb hurt his eye in case we need to go to the Dr. he decides to come out of hiding. I call Lao Lao to have her come over and watch Joey so we can take Caleb to the Dr. In the mean time Joey is "demonstrating" on Rammy (his CSU Ram he carry's everywhere these days!) what happened to Caleb. So as far as we can tell via Joey's demo is that he either dropped the booster seat on Caleb or he put it on Caleb's head and pushed down on it..................so off to the Dr. we go and the thought they would have to do stitches but were able to use Dermabond to seal everything up. Here are a couple of pictures.

So............we are thinking ok........crisis over..........we are done for a while..........BUT..........

Caleb has other ideas!!

Monday night I come home and Lao Lao and I are getting ready to go to golf lessons and next thing I know I am in the other room and Caleb is crying and Lao Lao is asking him if he is ok. Go into the room and he had decided to stand on the couch and try to get Lao Lao when she wasn't looking and stepped (or tried to jump) off the couch reaching for her and landed hard on his arm. Well he gets up and is not using his arm at all!! We finally get him to raise it to about shoulder height but it just doesnt look right.

SO..............I call Ba Ba and tell him to come home we are going to Urgent Care again tonight!! Lee comes home and Lao Lao stays home to take care of Joey for us again! Well, by the time we got there and in to see the Dr the Motrin I gave him at home kicked in and he is moving his arm just fine like nothing ever happened!! Ba Ba has now told him no more visits to Urgent Care for the rest of the year!!


Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

I have a feeling that urgent care might come to know you guys well. Too bad they don't have frequent visitor miles...so you can earn a free treatment or something! LOL!

Mendy said...

Bless your heart! I had to take several trips to doctor for stitches with my son when he was a toddler. We had several sets of stitches until the wonderful Dermabond entered the world. So glad they could glue him up.